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Build Web Apps Faster, Smarter and Cheaper with MERN AI

Updated: Mar 6

Is your software development process running at the optimum pace?  

What if we told you that you could cut down project timelines by more than 90%?    

And before you scoff it off calling it a far-fetched dream, let us show you how this is the reality that MERN.AI offers today.   

We closely examined the standard development processes and identified the frustrating pain points faced by most developers. Then we set to work finding workarounds and building tools that significantly increased development speed.   

Read on to learn how to leverage MERN.AI’s capabilities to your advantage. 

Current Scenario - What’s Broken?  

The digital world is undergoing tremendous growth in terms of capabilities as well as user adoption. According to Statista, in 2023, the number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.92 billion, meaning 85.74% of the world's population owns a smartphone.    

Everybody is consuming the internet today, but what about the ones who are building it? Even in this age where tech is booming, software development is still seen as a luxury that only the big players can afford.   

Let’s say, somebody can afford the expenses of building a custom application of their own.

They still have to go through the common pain points that haunt this industry:  

  • Quality of the output depends considerably on the developer’s competence.  

  • Timelines are generally long and skewed.  

  • Progress tracking is neither standardized nor accurate.  

  • Changes in requirements are hard to implement after project kickoff.  

  • Misinterpreted requirements between business and software teams.  

When some or all of these factors pose a major threat, software projects fail completely or at least partially. According to many studies, the failure rate of software projects ranges between 50% – 80%. Much of this can be attributed to the inefficiency and disorder of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Ultimately, developers face the brunt of the pitfall for all the mess the SDLC creates.  

Introducing MERN AI  

Analysing the industry’s problems led to the birth of MERN.AI - your full-stack development assistant. The reasoning was simple - why should project planning and execution responsibility land on the shoulders of software engineers and managers alone, when a considerable part of it can be automated?   

Every other engineering industry has its factory setups where they use automation and machinery to create efficient products. This is the age of automation, and we are utilizing the intelligence and versatility of our automated bots and AI to create efficient software applications at scale.    

But how exactly does MERN AI work?  

Apart from the nuanced features and support options that the tool gives you, MERN.AI’s capabilities can be showcased as part of two verticals:  


  • Pre-built templates: MERN.AI comes with a wide array of general templates built into the platform. These templates can be customised and fine-tuned with ease to fit your specific project requirements.  

Full Stack Web App Template Gallery
Template Gallery
  • Artificial Intelligence: Most of the grunt work that developers despise is automated and done for with the help of AI. These include:  

    • Automatic Template-Modifications

    • Clean Code Generation 

    • Backend to Backend Integrations 

Customer-centric Software Development  

MERN.AI gives developers the perfect dashboard. The feature list can be planned out beforehand to give a holistic view to the developer. Updates and revisions to project requirements will be reflected in the feature list menu.   

AI Generated Feature List Shown in Chat
AI Generated Feature List

We have a dedicated code viewer where you can see AI updated code and make changes on the go. Changes can be made either by typing in requirements into the chatbox or by manual code editing.   

IDE for Code Viewing & Editing
IDE for Code Viewing & Editing

To develop a custom web app for your business, you need not hire a development firm or be an experienced developer yourself. MERN.AI keeps you at the centre of development to build and manage competitive web apps and helps you take part in building the internet.    

Build With MERN AI   

At MERN.AI, our product team is proud of what we have built for the software development industry. A whole new unprecedented lifecycle with the help of new-age technology. When there is a higher rate of efficiency, intelligent bots for assistance, and a stress-free software engineering team, you can build web apps at an amazing speed.   

Our SDLC is organized and systematic at a great level that you can reuse and recycle MERN.AI made code from previous projects without creating havoc. This allows you to save roughly 90% of the actual development time on top of the benefits that MERN.AI already has.   

Come check it out for yourself. Signup now. 


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