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Top 10 AI Code Tools – Ultimate Guide for Programming with AI in 2024

Updated: Jun 5

The tech world has seen AI take centre stage over the past few years. 

A plethora of AI code tools have emerged for developers to boost their productivity and streamline their coding process. These tools can automatically finish lines of code, find and fix mistakes, and suggest ways to make code work better.  

They use techniques like machine learning and natural language processing to make coding faster and less difficult for programmers. In this blog, we have created a list of 10 AI code tools for developers that make their lives easier. 


The Struggle is Real: Common Developer Pain Points 

The life of a developer can be frustrating, to say the least. While the thrill of creating something new is unmatched, the daily grind of repetitive tasks, debugging headaches, and tight deadlines can take their toll. Here are some common pain points that developers face: 

  • Writing Repetitive Code: Spending hours writing the same boilerplate code functions can be tedious and time-consuming. 

  • Fixing Bugs: Debugging complex code can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.  

  • Maintaining Code Quality: As projects grow, ensuring consistent coding style, best practices, and overall code quality can be challenging, especially in a team setting. 

  • Constant Upskilling: The tech landscape is constantly evolving, and developers need to stay ahead of the curve by learning new technologies and frameworks.  

How Developers Can Leverage AI Code Tools in 2024 

The development landscape today is in a constant state of flux. Developers are forced to be more efficient and productive than ever before. 

But what if there was a way to keep up with the pace? 

Enter AI code tools.  

These innovative platforms leverage AI to code and offer a range of benefits that can transform your development process. Here's how AI code tools can help you code faster and better: 

  1. Real-time assistance: Personalized recommendations from AI code tools. 

  2. Handle complex coding: Tasks such as refactoring and code translation can be carried out efficiently and accurately. 

  3. Improve code quality: AI can detect errors, suggest optimizations, and enhance overall efficiency. 

  4. Leveraging machine learning: AI code tools continuously learn and improve over time, ensuring more accurate and effective assistance for developers. 

  5. Automate repetitive tasks: Code generation and bug fixing can be automated to streamline the development process. 

The Broader Impact of AI Code Tools 

While AI code tools can significantly improve development efficiency and code quality, their impact goes beyond that. Here are some additional ways these tools are shaping the future of development: 


  • Democratizing Development: AI tools can potentially lower the barrier to entry for new developers, leading to a more diverse and inclusive developer community. 

  • Facilitating Collaboration: AI tools can help maintain consistent coding styles, making the code easier to understand and maintain for everyone.

  • Accelerating Innovation: The ability to generate code quickly and experiment with different ideas can lead to faster innovation cycles. 

10 Best AI Code Generators and AI Development Tools in 2024 

An IDE specifically built for web app development on the MERN stack. Build competitive web apps within a week with the help of generative AI and pre-built templates. It removes the technical barriers and complex coding processes to accelerate web development.


  • Strengths: Library of functional templates for common use cases such as authentication, CRUD operations, real-time operations, etc. Can deploy projects instantly to production.

  • Weaknesses: Limited to web app development. 

Price: $39 to $199 (Free Plan Available

This intelligent code completion tool suggests code snippets based on your current project, making coding faster and more efficient. It's like having an assistant that helps you write code as you go.  

  • Strengths: Integrates easily with GitHub workflow. Paid plans available with additional features. 

  • Weakness: Code privacy concerns and occasional technical glitches. 

Price: $4 to $21 (Free plan available) 

While not as specialized for coding as some other options on this list, GPT-3/4 can be a valuable tool for developers. It leverages its understanding of natural language to generate basic code snippets, translate pseudocode into real code, and can be a good starting point for brainstorming code ideas.  


  • Strengths: Powerful for general text generation and useful for exploring initial code concepts. 

  • Weaknesses: Code generation may require human intervention to ensure quality and security.  

Price: $20 to $30 (Free plan available) 

Enhance your coding efficiency and write more secure code with Amazon Q Developer. This AI-powered tool integrates directly into your IDE, providing real-time code suggestions, identifying open-source code matches, and flagging potential security vulnerabilities. 

  • Strengths: Prioritizes code safety and security. Integrates seamlessly with popular IDEs. 

  • Weaknesses: Currently in preview and may have limited functionality compared to more established tools. May require an AWS account.  

Price: $19 (Free plan available) 

This deep-learning powered tool provides intelligent code completion for various programming languages, including Java, Python, and C++. 


  • Strengths: Available for all popular IDEs. Highly customizable. 

  • Weaknesses: Performance may vary depending on the underlying AI model.  


Price: $12 to $39 (Free plan available) 

6. CodeT5 

Generate reliable, bug-free code with this open-source AI code generator. 


  • Strengths: Supports multiple languages and offers both online and offline versions. 

  • Weaknesses: May struggle with complex codebases or specific programming tasks. 


Price: Free 

Simplify WordPress development with WPCode's suite of tools. This plugin offers features like custom code snippets, code generators for common functionalities, and easy integration of headers and footers. 


  • Strengths: Streamlined WordPress development, centralized code snippet management and improved functionality. 

  • Weaknesses: Functionality is limited to WordPress development. Requires installation of the WPCode plugin to use its features. 


Price: $49 to $299 per year (Monthly plans not available) 

As an open-source alternative to OpenAI Codex, Polycoder excels at generating code for web applications, machine learning, and more. 


  • Strengths: Fast code generation capabilities. 

  • Weaknesses: Integration with development environments might not be seamless. Uncertainty regarding the licensing of code generated by PolyCoder 


Price: Free 

This powerful large language model by Meta is specifically designed for coding tasks. It generates code based on your text prompts.  


  • Strengths: It can handle large amounts of data and can understand complex queries to respond in a nuanced way. 

  • Weakness: Requires significant computational resources, limiting accessibility and potentially increasing costs. 


Price: Free 

Enhance your development workflow with Replit AI, a suite of AI-powered tools designed to streamline the coding process. 


  • Strengths: Automates repetitive tasks and assists with unfamiliar codebases. 

  • Weakness: Functionality might be specific to the Replit development environment. 


Price: $10 to $33 (Free plan available) 


This list provides a comprehensive overview of some of the popular AI code tools for developers in 2024. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, there's an AI code tool out there to empower your coding journey. 


Picking the right tool depends on your unique use case and technical proficiency. 


If you are building web apps on the MERN stack, the best option available today is Build your next web app with 


Are AI code tools going to replace developers? 

No, AI code tools are not meant to replace developers.  Instead, they are designed to augment developers' capabilities by automating tedious tasks, improving code quality, and suggesting new approaches.   

Are there free AI tools available for developers? 

Yes, there are several free AI tools available for developers. Examples include, OpenAI's ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, etc. 

Can I use AI developer tools for collaboration in a team setting? 

Absolutely. AI tools can assist teams in maintaining a consistent coding style, generating documentation, and ensuring code quality, thereby supporting collaborative efforts in team settings.  

Do AI code tools always generate secure code? 

No, AI code tools are not perfect and can sometimes generate code with security vulnerabilities. It's important for developers to carefully review any code generated by AI tools and ensure it is secure before deploying it to production. 

I'm a beginner developer. Which AI code tool is best for me? 

Several AI code tools on this list can be helpful for beginners, such as MERN AI (for web app development) and Tabnine (for general code completion). 

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