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MERN Stack development using AI

Build an MVP in 30 Days for just $999

For Agencies, Startups & Enterprise

Hire us to build web apps with MERN AI

Certified MERN Stack Developers

Make use of our certified MERN stack developers who are trained to build & deliver web apps with MERN.AI

Projects Delivered 10x Faster

Using pre-built templates, UI toolkits and backend utility functions, our developers can deliver projects at great pace.

Focus On Core Development

With, your project is already equipped with basic functionalities and features, so you only need resources to develop the core functionalities of your project.

Own Your Source Code

We push your code directly to your own repository. So whatever you develop, you own the complete source code ownership and Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

Backend development in Node.JS
Responsive UI development with React

For teams, who need certified full stack developers to build and deliver web apps 10x faster with

Backend integration with UI
Add realtime capabilities with web socket
Add file upload/download/streaming
40 hours per month
2 hours of support per day

For teams with dedicated MERN stack developers, requiring support to get started on

Code level support
Technical support
No hands on coding

“As a SaaS Founder working solo much of my time, proved to be extremely efficient. This amazing tool would save me hours of work I don’t even enjoy!

Instead of spending time on Figma for a non-functional prototype to hopefully translate my thoughts into a visual, within a few minutes I would have an actual code with a live link for me to share with everyone else to build on top of it!”

Christophe El-Khoury

Fractional CTO, Advisor, Founder

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